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Organic Kale: Green – HOLLAND

8.00 /kg

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Origin: Ireland

Kale is a great source of calcium, 200g contains approx 270mg; to put that in context 250mL of milk contains 300mg.

Now you might be thinking well there’s more in milk, and yes in actual calcium terms there is, but not in how our body views it. Enter bioavailability, ie our body’s ability to absorb or use a nutrient.

Milk’s bioavailability is approx 30%, so for the 300mg in the cup our body can absorb only 100mg of it. Alternatively beautiful, bountiful, in season, grown all winter long in Ireland kale has a bioavailability of approx 50%, so of the 270mg of calcium, 135mg can be absorbed and used by our bodies!

Now admittedly 200g of kale is quite a bit, but there are so many ways to integrate it into our diet. One of our favourites is crisping it up in the oven with sunflower oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper, smoked paprika and a bit of maple syrup… but a warning: you’ll put away far more then 200g in one sitting because it’s so tasty!

Out of stock