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FT Household Gloves – Medium


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Made with 100% FSC certified, fair trade latex, and lined with Non GM cotton dust, these gloves are soft and flexible but strong, tough and durable, with a high stretch and tear strength for hard work and protection for all household tasks. Because the gloves contain no vinyl compound, they will completely crumble and break down once they have come to the end of their useful working life (Latex is the natural sap of the rubber tree, turned in to rubber with the addition of acid) If You Care Household Gloves are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified latex, i.e. the natural rubber is sourced from a responsibly managed plantation. Furthermore, the rubber tappers, who cut the bark to get the raw material flowing, have received a fair trade premium, and it is their decision how to spend their extra income.

5 in stock

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