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€30 Organic Veg Box


All Vegetables are Certified Organically Grown. Apples are provided by the Apple Farm in Co. Tipp, & are grown without the use of pesticides.

If you would like us to tailor your veg box, please add requests in comment box at check-out, and we will adjust accordingly, produce permitting. ie if you dislike leeks and fennel, and would prefer more kale or mushrooms etc, we are usually able to accommodate such requests.

Our veg boxes will include the following items:
~500gs of Root Vegetables: Carrots(NL/IRE/UK) or Beetroot(IRE) or Parsnips(IRE)
~300g of Onions: Red(NL) or White(IRE)
~200gs of Leeks(IRE) or Fennel(IRE)
~180g Cherry Tomatoes (IRE/NL) or 300g Vine Tomatoes(NL)
~500g Sweet Potatoe(PT) or 1kg of Irish Potatoes(IRE)
~1 Celery(IRE/NL) or Cucumber(IRE/NL) or Spring Onion(IRE/NL)
1 Butternut Squash(NL) or Pumpkin(IRE/NL) or Cabbage(IRE/NL) or Celeriac(NL)
~250g of Courgette(IRE/NL) or Peppers(SP) or Aubergine(SP)
~80gs of Ginger Root(PERU) or Turmeric Root(PERU) or Garlic(SP) or Chilli Pepper(SP)
~250g of Seasonal Greens: either Kale(IRE) or Spinach(IRE) or Chard(IRE)
~250g Chestnut mushrooms(IRE)
1 head of Broccoli(IRE/NL) or Cauliflower(FR) or Tenderstem Broccoli(IRE/SP)
1 Avocado (PERU/SP)
~1kg of Irish Apples (IRE)

*Contents may vary from image

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