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€20 Organic Veg Box



  • Chestnut Mushrooms (IRELAND)
  • Peppers OR Mix of Pepper & Aubergine (SPAIN)
  • Carrots (IRELAND)
  • White Onions OR Red Onions or Mix (HOLLAND)
  • Spinach OR Kale (IRELAND)
  • Salad Leaf (IRELAND)
  • Courgette (IRELAND)
  • Potatoes or Sweet Potato (ITALY/PORTUGAL)
  • Avocado (SPAIN)
  • Beetroot (IRELAND)
  • Vine Tomatoes (SPAIN)
  • Garlic (SPAIN), Chilli (SPAIN), or Ginger (PERU)

Please note this is an overview of the contents of the box. Please tell us your preference, and we will do our best to include them. On occasion substitutes may need to be made.

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